Obtaining a Marriage License in Florida

We have many couples ask us if they have to get their marriage license here in Florida. The answer is YES! Our officiants can only legally marry you in the state of Florida. So you can not get your license from another state, bring it here and our officiant legally marry you. You and your fiancé do have to obtain the license in person at any courthouse in the state of Florida. However, there is no waiting period if neither one of you are a resident of Florida. We always direct our couples to the state website for them to read all of the details. We want you to know exactly what you need to do to be legally married here in Florida. It really is very simple, so don’t stress over the license. But DEFINITELY read the rules before your big day!

Wedding Coordinator Tip of the Day!

If planning an outdoor wedding, ALWAYS have a Plan B, just incase Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

Welcome Summer!

We want to welcome everyone that is coming to Destin to vacation this summer. Please be safe and have a great trip!

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Keep Calm, Ask A Wedding Planner

This is a great article from NaskMe


Keep Calm,
Ask a Wedding Planner
April 18, 2018 | Darcy Williamson

Is it because it’s a high-wire act with no net for two first-time trapeze artists in front of 150-200 of their closest friends? Or maybe it’s because the level of stress and anxiety gets turned up to a Spinal Tap “11” when one talks “deadlines” with brides and grooms? Whatever it may be, one thing I know is: wedding planners make the best project managers.
After all, weddings are where scope, schedule and budget get paired with expectations, mothers-of-the bride and a satellite network of service providers. Through all this, wedding planners smile, take it in stride, exude calm and turn weddings into memories that last a lifetime.
I’ve carefully studied productivity and technology for years and have previous experience leading teams of project managers operating in changing environments. So I have a strong appreciation of what it takes for busy people to get things done.
And wedding planners have it, including:
Great listening skills. Every interaction with the couple is their chance to listen for what will truly make a wedding day magical. They hear what’s truly important and what’s a nice-to-have.
They’re calm under pressure. Every wedding planner has a story of what almost went wrong – and how they course-corrected to make things right. That’s preparation and contingency planning, hallmarks of great project management.
Clear communications. Set communication schedules keep brides and grooms on track, with their expectations managed and questions anticipated and answered. Reliable communication is often just as important as what’s getting communicated. This includes smart use of technology, checklists and status updates.
Enthusiasm that motivates. Aside from the tasting, who’s excited about picking invitations and photography packages? Wedding planners are, and their infectious enthusiasm helps keep the process running smoothly and on schedule.
Diversity of experience. Wedding planners have to communicate with hotels, catering, florists, transportation, musicians, photographers, printers and places of worship. Not to mention brides, grooms and their families. They talk the talk – and walk the walk.
Eyes on the prize. They know what matters most is the ultimate wedding day experience. That’s why they handle all the details, make smart recommendations that look genius (from my own wedding, that would be the martini bar) and make sure things go smoothly.
Still not convinced? Plan a large wedding on your own without a seasoned wedding planner, technology or checklists. Your first martini’s on me.

Sub Tropical Storm Alberto

Thank you for everyone that checked us through the storm. We just got a lot of rain and a little bit of wind. All is well here in Destin! The sun is coming back out and we are ready to get back to beautiful weddings on the beach! We have the best brides in the whole world! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Tropical Arbor Setup

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Weather Forecast for May 4th-6th

Friday May 4th – Mostly Sunny with a high of 80 degrees
Saturday May 5th – Mostly Sunny with a high of 79 degrees
Sunday May 6th – Partly Sunny with a high of 80 degrees