Beach Wedding Attire

So many couples wonder what is the perfect attire for a beach wedding. Well the answer is it is completely up to you!

Beach weddings come in so many different fashions. We see everything from full wedding dresses with a long train and a gorgeous long veil to a sun dress and barefoot. You are not getting married in a church, so really you have a blank slate to create whatever kind of feel you are wanting.

The biggest piece of advise I can give is be comfortable. If you are getting married in the summer make sure you wear something that is not too heavy that is not going to weigh you down and make you sweat like crazy. Make sure you let your seamstress know you are getting married on the sand. You are going to sink a little while you are walking down the beach. You do not want to be tripping over your dress or having to kick it as you walk down the aisle.

Just make sure you have fun and love the dress you choose!