How to choose the perfect venue

Choosing the perfect location for your special day is probably one of the hardest parts of having a destination wedding. We are here to help you in suggestions for homes, condos, state parks or public beach accesses that best suites your needs.

Depending on whether you are looking at having a reception after the ceremony would determine the size of house or condo you would need. Just make sure to check with the property management company on if they allow weddings and receptions at their location. Some of the homes will not allow weddings or reception. Some may also require you to get a permit.

If you are looking at doing the ceremony only and the location you are staying at does not allow you to set up there, we can go to a public beach access or state park to have the ceremony. The public beach accesses only give you permission to get married there, this does not reserve any space on the beach. The beach is still going to be a public beach access. The permit fees will depend on the location as well as the amount of guests you will have there.

I always tell our couples it is so important that you do have a Plan B. Getting married on the beach is absolutely stunning, however you are also at the mercy of Mother Nature. We do everything in our power to get you married on the beach. Unfortunately from time to time that is not an option. So it is so important that the home or condo you are renting has enough room for us to move the ceremony inside if needed.