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Beach Weddings During Major Holiday Weekend

A lot of couples look to have a beach wedding when they can spend more time with their family and a major holiday weekend crosses their minds quite a bit. Why wouldn’t it? Most people get a 3 day weekend from work or school. The problem with this is a lot of people have the… Read more »

How to choose the perfect Photographer

THe photographer you choose for your wedding is so important. The pictures of you on your wedding day will last a lifetime (along with the memories). We have a select group of photographers that we recommend because we know the importance of this person. When taking beach pictures at sunset you will need a photographer… Read more »

How to choose the perfect venue

Choosing the perfect location for your special day is probably one of the hardest parts of having a destination wedding. We are here to help you in suggestions for homes, condos, state parks or public beach accesses that best suites your needs. Depending on whether you are looking at having a reception after the ceremony… Read more »

Best Time Of Year For A Beach Wedding

We have couples ask us quite often when the best time of year to get married on the beach is. I would have to say the most popular months are April, May, September, October and even early November. This is when the weather is perfect and the rates of venues is less. These are popular… Read more »

Benefits of hiring a DJ for your wedding

We often get the questions “Do I really need a DJ for my wedding reception?” The answer is YES! Some people think a DJ may just stand there and play songs for a few hours and that is all. Well that is not the case at all with our DJ’s. We hire DJ’s that are… Read more »

Guide To How Much Alcohol To Purchase For Reception

We get a lot of couples that ask us “How much alcohol should we buy for the reception?” That is a great questions and a tricky one at the same time. It is very difficult for us to know your crowd and the kind of drinkers they are. But over the years we have gotten… Read more »

Beach Wedding Attire

So many couples wonder what is the perfect attire for a beach wedding. Well the answer is it is completely up to you! Beach weddings come in so many different fashions. We see everything from full wedding dresses with a long train and a gorgeous long veil to a sun dress and barefoot. You are… Read more »

Best Time Of Day For Beach Ceremony

Most couples are wanting the romantic sunset pictures on the beach. Why wouldn’t you??? It’s GORGEOUS! The photographers we work with suggest having the ceremony an hour to an hour and a half (depending on how many family photos you are wanting) prior to sunset. This will allow time for the ceremony, photos with the… Read more »

Beach Permits

Okaloosa County has enforced new rules for wedding permits on the beach. Please make sure you have double checked to make sure you do not need a permit if you have not gotten one already. Walton County has had strict permit laws for a while. So either county you are getting married in please make… Read more »

Most Popular Engagement Days

Did you know New Years Eve at Midnight is the most popular time for guys to “pop the question”? The second most popular is Valentine’s Day. With these 2 days recently passing make sure you are getting your wedding dates reserved as soon as you are sure on the date.