Benefits of hiring a DJ for your wedding

We often get the questions “Do I really need a DJ for my wedding reception?”

The answer is YES! Some people think a DJ may just stand there and play songs for a few hours and that is all. Well that is not the case at all with our DJ’s. We hire DJ’s that are very interactive and play off what the crowd is wanting. Every crowd is different, so we hire the best DJ’s that know exactly how to get any crowd involved.

Not only does the DJ get the crowd involved. The DJ also makes for no awkward moments when nobody knows what to do. The DJ will coordinate with the wedding planner on exactly when to do everything from cake cutting, first dances, dinner, toasts, etc. To have a strong relationship between the DJ and wedding planner is super important. It can definitely make for an amazing evening of fun!

Besides some of our DJ’s may just get out there with you and teach you how to do that certain old school dance or even a new dance. So when people ask “Do I really need a DJ?” Again the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!