Guide To How Much Alcohol To Purchase For Reception

We get a lot of couples that ask us “How much alcohol should we buy for the reception?” That is a great questions and a tricky one at the same time. It is very difficult for us to know your crowd and the kind of drinkers they are. But over the years we have gotten a pretty good handle on what guests typically drink during the reception.

These numbers are going to be based on 50 guests at the reception. This is also based on a 4 hour reception. If you are doing beer, wine and liquor we would recommend 4 cases of beer, 5 bottles of liquor, 10 bottles of red wine and 10 bottles of white wine.

If you are doing beer and wine only. We would recommend doing 6 cases of beer, 13 bottles of red wine and 13 bottles of white wine.

Keep in mind this is a “typical” drinking crown. If your crowd are heavy drinkers I would increase whatever the most popular thing your guests drink. If your crowd are not heave drinkers I would probably just stick to a few cases of beer and a few bottles of each wine. This is really going to depend on what kind of drinkers you have at your reception.

Also keep in mind if you are having your reception at the beach house you have rented and everyone is getting ready there at the house you will need drinks for everyone to drink while they are getting ready.

If you are planning on doing a champagne toast we can get about 4-5 glasses of champagne from each bottle.