Beach Weddings During Major Holiday Weekend

A lot of couples look to have a beach wedding when they can spend more time with their family and a major holiday weekend crosses their minds quite a bit. Why wouldn’t it? Most people get a 3 day weekend from work or school.

The problem with this is a lot of people have the same idea. They are looking for a longer weekend getaway. So they choose these weekends to do so. Typically lodging is at 100% capacity during these times of year. So needless to say the beaches are going to be as well.

Even if you have a beach permit to get married on a public beach. This DOES NOT mean you get the beach to yourself. It simply means you are allowed to get married there on that day and time. It does not rope off any part of the beach to set up. There is no designated only for weddings area.

This is not meant to say absolutely do not get married these weekends. It is just to make you aware that you are going to have the least amount of privacy during these times. Beachgoers are usually very respectful of weddings. But they do not have to move in order to not be in your pictures.

Just be aware of this when looking at doing a wedding on the beach during the major holiday weekends (Memorial Day, 4th Of July and Labor Day).