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Keep Calm, Ask A Wedding Planner

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Keep Calm,
Ask a Wedding Planner
April 18, 2018 | Darcy Williamson

Is it because it’s a high-wire act with no net for two first-time trapeze artists in front of 150-200 of their closest friends? Or maybe it’s because the level of stress and anxiety gets turned up to a Spinal Tap “11” when one talks “deadlines” with brides and grooms? Whatever it may be, one thing I know is: wedding planners make the best project managers.
After all, weddings are where scope, schedule and budget get paired with expectations, mothers-of-the bride and a satellite network of service providers. Through all this, wedding planners smile, take it in stride, exude calm and turn weddings into memories that last a lifetime.
I’ve carefully studied productivity and technology for years and have previous experience leading teams of project managers operating in changing environments. So I have a strong appreciation of what it takes for busy people to get things done.
And wedding planners have it, including:
Great listening skills. Every interaction with the couple is their chance to listen for what will truly make a wedding day magical. They hear what’s truly important and what’s a nice-to-have.
They’re calm under pressure. Every wedding planner has a story of what almost went wrong – and how they course-corrected to make things right. That’s preparation and contingency planning, hallmarks of great project management.
Clear communications. Set communication schedules keep brides and grooms on track, with their expectations managed and questions anticipated and answered. Reliable communication is often just as important as what’s getting communicated. This includes smart use of technology, checklists and status updates.
Enthusiasm that motivates. Aside from the tasting, who’s excited about picking invitations and photography packages? Wedding planners are, and their infectious enthusiasm helps keep the process running smoothly and on schedule.
Diversity of experience. Wedding planners have to communicate with hotels, catering, florists, transportation, musicians, photographers, printers and places of worship. Not to mention brides, grooms and their families. They talk the talk – and walk the walk.
Eyes on the prize. They know what matters most is the ultimate wedding day experience. That’s why they handle all the details, make smart recommendations that look genius (from my own wedding, that would be the martini bar) and make sure things go smoothly.
Still not convinced? Plan a large wedding on your own without a seasoned wedding planner, technology or checklists. Your first martini’s on me.

Sub Tropical Storm Alberto

Thank you for everyone that checked us through the storm. We just got a lot of rain and a little bit of wind. All is well here in Destin! The sun is coming back out and we are ready to get back to beautiful weddings on the beach! We have the best brides in the whole world! LOVE YOU GUYS!

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How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Whether you’ve seen stunning destination weddings in photographers or you’ve attended one yourself, you’re seriously considering having this type of affair. A destination wedding allows you to break away from the traditional and to craft a soiree that is truly a reflection of you and your partner. Some may say that destination wedding is more work, but it can run quite smoothly if you plan properly.

Part of that process involves hiring a wedding planner. Opting for one in the area where you’re getting married can help you to connect with resources and to stay on top of the planning from affair. Even if you aren’t at the spot to meet with potential vendors, the planner can do it for you. In addition to hiring a wedding planner, you can also keep yourself organized. Knowing what steps to take and what to do will help you to feel less overwhelmed.

Once you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, your possibilities are virtually limitless. Many couples decide that they want to have a wedding at the beach, so if that’s your plan, you can begin to narrow down the many beaches available. However, you shouldn’t feel as though you must marry where the sand and ocean meet. You might choose to have the wedding in a historic castle in Europe or on a farm in the middle of the United States. Considering your desires as a couple is the best way to choose the destination. During this phase of the process, you can start to narrow down your choices. For example, you might look at pictures of a wedding at a particular locale and determine that it is not for you.

Plan a Visit
Think about all of the times you’ve conducted research online for a restaurant, activity or party venue. Chances are that you’ve had the experience of seeing something different in person from what you saw online. Since you don’t want that to happen with your wedding venue, you should schedule a time to go to the destination in person. If you are choosing between a variety of options, you may want to take one long trip. Doing so can cut down on time and costs. You have to visit the location to see what it looks like in person. Also, by traveling with your spouse, you can get a strong sense of whether this place is one where you would like to get married. You can use this trip to explore different options for hotels or house rentals; consider staying a night at each one that you are seriously thinking about booking.

Ninety percent of couples say that the weather of a particular destination plays a major role in where they decide to marry. Planning exactly what the weather will be like on the day of your wedding is impossible, but you can look at weather patterns. In other words, you can learn what the different seasons are like in the place where you are planning to get married. Keep in mind that very hot or very cold temperatures might prove uncomfortable or even dangerous for some of your guests. You also don’t want to book a wedding in the middle of hurricane or tornado season in a particular area.

Many couples choose destination weddings because they want to have some portions of their celebration outside; they may even want to have the entire wedding outside. You absolutely must have a back-up plan for each part of your wedding that you want to take place outdoors. Failure to do so could be a disaster when the wedding day arrives. One of the ways to avoid this problem is to work with a facility that has both indoor and outdoor space available to you on your wedding day. Don’t assume that the weather will be nice; plan for the worst.

Maybe some relatives have told you that you shouldn’t have a destination wedding because it’s going to cost you more money. In fact, the average cost of a destination wedding is $28,000. In some parts of the country, the average cost of a wedding is significantly more than that. Destination weddings actually provide a way for you and your partner to keep the cost down. The average amount of guests at a destination wedding is 48. If you didn’t have a destination wedding, you might have hundreds of people present. With fewer people, you have fewer plates, favors and other items to pay for. You could also keep costs down by booking the wedding during a season that isn’t as popular at the destination. If that is the decision you make, ensure that you aren’t picking a time when the weather is likely to be bad or dangerous.

Brides, Grooms, Bridal Parties and Accommodations
When you’re having a destination wedding, you can usually choose to stay at a house or a hotel. With a house, you may opt for a private house for you and your partner or a large house where all of the close relatives and bridal party members can stay. A house provides a more intimate setting for all of you to get ready for the big day whereas a hotel generally means you’ll be more scattered around. On the other hand, a hotel is generally more affordable than a house. A private house allows you and your partner to have a quiet retreat after a long day of celebrating. You should also consider how you will get to the ceremony and reception sites. If you’re having these celebrations at a house or a hotel, then you may want to consider staying there; the decision depends upon personal preference.
As far as the bridal party, you can decide if you want them to stay in separate dwellings from you. Paying for their rooms is a suitable idea since you are essentially making them travel. If you can, consider paying for their travel fees as well. Keep in mind that you can choose where they are staying if you are paying, but they may want to pay for their own accommodations elsewhere. Also, in the event that you are not paying at all for their accommodations, you can’t expect them to stay where you want them to stay. They may seek out more affordable options.

Guest Experience
You are not required to pay for the accommodations for your guests. With a smaller wedding, you might want to. In any case, you should block off enough hotel rooms. Then, guests can call to make their reservations. When you choose a block, you can usually secure a lower rate on rooms too. A good idea is to block rooms at a couple of different hotels so that guests have options in terms of prices. You can also make guests feel more comfortable by providing them with welcome bags upon check-in. You can fill these bags with snacks, drinks and other essentials. Once all of your guests have arrived, consider treating them to a welcome dinner to thank them for taking the time out to travel to your wedding. You may want to couple this welcome dinner with a rehearsal dinner. Some couples do not have a rehearsal at all, so you can just forgo that element and replace it with the welcome dinner. Make sure all guests know that they are invited to attend. Also, do remember that some guests won’t be able to attend your wedding because it is a destination event; be understanding of that fact so you don’t sever relationships. Some people are unable to take off from work for that period of time, or they may not have anyone with whom to leave their children. You can be considerate of both the guests who are attending and the guests who are attending in spirit and thought.

Considerations When Packing
Before the day that you leave, you should make a checklist. Chances are that you are heading to the destination at least a day or two before some of your relatives and friends. You may want to give a trusted person a key to your home in the event that you forget any items. You should also call the airline or other methods of public transportation to find out what you are allowed to carry on. Having a fiasco with your wedding dress upon arriving at the airport or bus terminal can be jarring. Having your dress and other essentials with your being on the plane is important because it could get lost otherwise.

Other Tips
Brides reminds you to take into consideration the needs of your guests. For example, you may have planned a destination wedding at an outdoor environment where people have to walk a decent distance. Instead of requiring guests to walk this distance, have transportation available. This tip is especially important if you have elderly or disabled guests attending the wedding. You should also let guests know about local attractions and restaurants; providing this information with the welcome bags is reasonable.
One other major piece of advice that you need to take into consideration comes from the Knot. Maybe you’ve helped countless relatives and friends plan their local weddings, so you think you know exactly what you have to do to procure the marriage license. Remember, however, you are not getting married in your hometown. If you don’t find out what the requirements are for obtaining the proper license to marry in the area you’ve picked, the consequences could be disastrous.

Planning a destination wedding might seem like a great deal of work, and it certainly requires attention to detail and effort. Fortunately, it does not have to turn into a project that takes over your life and causes you a tremendous amount of stress. In order to avoid those deleterious effects, make sure you take the process a step at a time and employ assistance along the way.


Triple Crown

This incredible property called ‘Triple Crown’ is located on a super large GULF FRONT lot. Only thing between this house and the beach is a wonderful GREEN GRASSED LAWN that can be enjoyed as well. This ‘Lawn’ is only for the use of guests staying at ‘Triple Crown.’ There is plenty of parking available, great gulf views, private beach access, and a LARGE PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL that can be heated for a small nominal charge.

There are 3 separate units that combine together to make up this TEN BEDROOMS,NINE BATHS 5550 square foot, three-story Beach house. Each unit has its own private kitchen (Granite Countertops & Stainless Steel appliances), den, dining areas, bedrooms and washer/dryer units. You can enjoy great Unobstructed Gulf Views from this beach home with large covered decks off the back of the house which allow easy access from one unit to the other. Loaded with extras this home could satisfy any group, big or small.

The A & B units are identical in their floorplan and each have 3 bedrooms, which each have thier own private bathroom. Both units also have a Queen sleeper sofa in the den and all Master Bathrooms have jacuzzi tubs. The C unit (Penthouse) has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths and is solely located on the entire 3rd floor. There are a total of 7 King Beds, 1 Queen Bed, 4 sets of bunk beds, and 2 Queen Sleeper sofas. They breakdown as follows:

Unit A (3BR/3BA): 2 King Bedrooms & 1 Bunk Bedroom (4 Twin beds) & Queen Sleeper sofa
Unit B (3BR/3BA): 2 King Bedrooms & 1 Bunk Bedroom (4 Twin Beds), & 1 Queen Sleeper sofa & Queen Sleeper sofa
Unit C (4BR/3BA): 3 King Bedrooms & 1 Queen Bedroom & 1 Queen Sleeper sofa

Located in the Seaside-Seagrove area you are sure to find plenty of shopping, dining and children’s activities to satisfy your every need in walking distance. There are restaurants located right across the street and Seaside is only 2 miles West of ‘Triple Crown.’

There is wireless DSL Internet service, plenty of parking, great gulf views, gas grill, beach chairs and umbrellas available to take to the beach, covered outdoor dining and great location in Seagrove Beach.

You will love this property !! Nothing like it anywhere!

Smoking or pets are NOT permitted. Renters under the age of 25 not allowed, unless accompanied by an adult.

Tackle Box

Kick off your sandy flip flops and step into the Tackle Box. We invite you to explore this large vacation rental home and hope that you’ll like what you see! With 8 bedrooms, 7.5 bathroom , and bedding for a total of 24 guests you’ll have room for everyone. Be sure to see check availability and reserve your dates. This house fills up fast!


Located less than 1/2 mile from Seaside, “”Sunsational”” has been photographed and included in issues of “”Coastal Living”” Magazine due to it’s uniqueness and amazing beauty. This fabulous GULF FRONT beach house has over 5000 square feet and top of the line furnishings. There is an entertainment room available with pool table,jukebox, TV, DVD, Game Cube, Queen sleeper sofa, and bar.

Enjoy the awesome Gulf Views or the 42″” Flat screen, Plasma TV in the den from your luxurious leather sectional sofa, which has 2 recliners too. The private heated swimming pool and hot tub overlook the Gulf of Mexico. There is an outdoor Pergola that is the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor meal. The Master Suite is the largest you will ever find with it’s own wet bar to enjoy, as well as the most incredible panoramic Gulf View. The Master Bedroom has a King size, handmade, mahogony canopy bed, his & her bathrooms (one has a steam unit and the other has body spa massagers), a Queen Sleeper sofa, sitting area, mini bar and fridge, telescope and abdomimal workout machine. You just will not believe the incredible panoramic gulf view in this bedroom. The whole back wall of the bedroom is nothing but glass from the floor to the ceiling and its 40 feet wide. INCREDIBLE !

There are 2 bedrooms with private bathrooms located on the first floor, both have King size beds, private bathrooms, great gulf views and french doors that open up to the Gulf as well as the pool deck.

There are 2 King size bedrooms that share a large bathroom on the second floor. In the attached carriage house, there is a King Size bed, Queen Sleeper sofa, full kitchen, full bathroom, washer and dryer and great gulf views. This is a nice separate apartment like area, for those who might want a little bit more of privacy aaway from the rest of the group.

Professionally decorated with a Caribbean theme, this is the perfect place for family reunions, weddings, anniversaries or any large function or vacation. The following is a list of the FREE amentities included with renting this property:

2 Adult Bikes and 1 Child bike
Use of a 2 Man Kayak
Beach Chairs and Beach Umbrellas
Beach & Pool toys
Beach Towels
Basketballs, soccer balls and Frisbees
In home VCR, DVD and CD library (no need to rent videos)
Schedule Nanny or baby-sitting services
Schedule Spa Services (Pedicures, manicures, facials, etc)

In addition, we can provide you with other services at a nominal charge like:

Stocking the refrigerators prior to your arrival, via your personal grocery list
Provide additional bike and kayak rentals
Make dinner reservations for your group
Provide baby cribs and other accessories if needed
Provide fresh flowers waiting on your arrival Create a Fresh fruit basket, wine basket, cheese basket, or a combination of any of these.

The location, size, decor, GULF FRONT heated swimming pool and hot tub are just a few of the reasons why this house is called “”SUN-SATIONAL.”” As you can see, this can be the ultimate vacation!

Keywords: Beach House
The front entrance was so inviting!

The front entrance was so inviting!

VRBO Bear stayed here – 05/14/2009 A little sea bird told me about this great place! The home is perfectly situated on the beach and within walking distance of the much desired town of Seaside. Upon arrival, it was love at first sight. I entered through the wrought iron gate, framed by a vine covered, lattice arch, which led me to this beautiful Seagrove Beach home. I knew my stay here would be enchanting!

I was eager to explore all the amenities I had read about prior to my arrival – from the exceptionally well-equipped, modern kitchen to the entertainment room with a pool table and jukebox. An eclectic mix of furnishings and personalized décor gave this home a distinctive “at home” feeling. The large, glass dining table was perfectly placed for enjoying the ocean views and the company of family and friends.

Upstairs , the huge master retreat is comparable to none other. Floor-to-ceiling windows from one end of the room to the other frame the breathtaking views of the Gulf. The room is complete with a king-sized, four-poster canopied bed, and a seating area including a couch, chairs and ottomans. There are two master baths and one features a steam shower! Mix up your favorite drink right there in the room at your own mini bar and watch your favorite movie on the ceiling mounted wide screen plasma TV.

The back patio offers an oceanfront, saltwater pool and a hot tub – another ideal location to relax and unwind. To complete the ambiance, an outdoor sound system is wired to listen to your favorite tunes. Grill “the catch of the day” and enjoy your meal under the pergola, while watching a beautiful sunset. If you prefer beach bathing, there are beach chairs and towels available for your use. To cool off, row out in the waves aboard the two person kayak or take a dip in the beautiful, crystal blue water. There are miles of bike paths so make sure and take advantage of the bicycles to explore the area’s scenery and attractions. You’ll find many shops and cafes in nearby Seaside.

After spending your vacation in Seagrove Beach, I’ll guarantee you’ll leave having a deep connection to this beachfront home and you’ll wish to return time and time again.