Meet Brandy

As most little girls do, I have always dreamed of planning my future wedding day. I have The flowers, cake, music, food, pictures, colors etc. I have also always been the first to jump and help someone when they need it. As I grew older someone once told me, “Find what it is that you love to do and make that your career” and then one day it dawned on me. I love Destin, the beach, weddings and I truly love helping others. And I came up with “What could be more rewarding than helping others plan the biggest day of their lives and plan Destin beach weddings?” So I started in the catering field where I dealt with brides for many years choosing the food and decorations they would want for their wedding. Then I moved into Destin beach wedding coordinating where I found my calling. I get to help the bride and groom with every aspect of their big day.

That is when I decided to start my own company where I pride myself on really forming a close relationship with every bride and groom I meet. And they have all been very close to my heart. By the time the wedding comes I feel like I should be the one giving the bride away, and I get a tear at each one knowing their journey in life as husband and wife has just began. I like to keep in touch with them even after their wedding because to me it isn’t just a job it’s the close friendship that I value.

I am also the mother of 3 beautiful children that I love with all of my heart. I have always taught them that morals and values are something in life that you should cherish. That is something, I am proud to say, I carry over into our company. We strive to give the best quality service we can possibly give while planning your Destin beach wedding.

Here in Destin we know we have the most beautiful beaches in the world. That is why it is our pleasure to share with you the magnificent white sandy beaches and breath-taking emerald green waters for your Destin beach wedding!!!